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Prof. Tecumseh Fitch

Prof. Tecumseh Fitch

(Head of Group)

Phone: ++43 1 4277 76111
Fax: ++43 1 4277 9761
Email: tecumseh.fitch@univie.ac.at



Post Docs 


Dr. Lisa Horn

Email: lisa.horn@univie.ac.at


Dr. Daniel Bowling

"Physiological consequences of rhythmic synchronization"

e-mail: dan.bowling@univie.ac.at

Dr. Bruno Gingras

ERC-Grant SOMACCA: "Musical syntax and biomusicology"

e-mail: bruno.gingras@univie.ac.at



Dr. Piera Filippi

ERC-Grant SOMACCA: 'What's in a word-meaning mapping? The role of prosody and statistics in spoken language acquisition'

email: piera.filippi@univie.ac.at



Stephan Reber, BSc MSc


Email: stephan.reber@univie.ac.at


Mag. Ruth Sonnweber

ERC Grant SOMACCA: Artificial Grammar Learning

E-mail: ruth-sophie.sonnweber@univie.ac.at


Jinook Oh, MSc BSc


E-mail: jinook.oh@univie.ac.at


Mauricio Martins MD, MSc

"Language Evolution and Recursion: Developing Analysis Methods for Visual and Auditory Recursive Patterns Recognition"

Email: mauricio.martins@univie.ac.at

Mag. Gesche Westphal Fitch

"Processing of hierarchical structures in animals and humans"

Email: gesche.w.fitch@univie.ac.at

Andrea Ravignani, BSc MSc

ERC Grant SOMACCA: Artificial Grammar Learning, Music Cognition
E-mail: andrea.ravignani@univie.ac.at

Univ.-Prof. Dr. William Tecumseh Fitch

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